Five Stunning Features Our Clients are Putting in Their Modular Homes


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Fleur Draffin

As more and more people are becoming familiar with modular homes, we are noticing some beautiful trends This week we've compiled a list of 5 trending features our clients are putting in their new homes. From timber look and pattern bathroom tiles to barn doors, you are sure to be impressed. 

This may be just the inspiration you need!


Barn Doors

For those looking for something a little different, or wanting to add a touch of rustic to their new home, barn doors are fast becoming a huge hit!

Apart from a great look, the barn doors take up less space than a traditional swing door. 



Source: Hume Doors


Timber Look Tiles



Source: Kalafrana Ceramics


The timber-look tiles are becoming a huge hit, combining the practicality of standard ceramic or porcelain tiles with a realistic timber look. 

We think these tiles are a great option, avoiding the issues of real timber shrinking, warping or cracking and providing a more 'premium' and realistic timber look than vinyl planking!


capi_e7e82af44ade8336565bd449e80ff667_7c11295f57fdd4f926f72f39c26dd705Source: Beaumont Tiles


But there is more! The real beauty of choosing timber tiles for your home is that they can be placed in wet areas where traditional timber or vinyl is not suitable. This means you can come up with some stunning bathroom styles that incorporate the effect of timber, both practically and affordably!

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Patterned Bathroom Tiles



Source: Beaumont Tiles


Patterned tiles are another great addition to your bathrooms or wet areas. While you may think these have been around for years, by adding patterned floor tiles, you can create a homely and modern touch to your home!


1471858464_flat-white-subway-tilesSource: Beaumont Tiles


Subway Tiles




Subway tiles give you that ultimate vintage look, deriving from the original New York underground stations in 1900s. However with enhancements over the years, they bring that white, bright and clean look - classic and minimalistic. 

There is so much you can do with these tiles. Herringbone, basket-weave, or brick bond layouts create patterns using the lines between the tiles. Applying a contrasting grout colour will bring out these patterns to really make your walls sing!

Click here for further inspiration!


A Touch of TImber - Internal & External


 weathertexSource: Weathertex


Adding a timber feature to your home is one way to set it apart from the rest! And there are so many ways to do so - external timber cladding, internal timber feature walls, cedar lining in your outdoor area, timber kitchen cabinetry or a timber element to your bathroom!



Source: googleimages
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