Modular homes, otherwise known as relocatable or transportable homes aren't built onsite; they're manufactured in a factory with up to 80% of construction work completed in the factory before they're transported in sections to site.
Modern modular homes have many advantages over traditional site built homes. The construction process is very different, which means its often more cost effective and faster for you to choose a prefabricated home, especially if you are living in a rural or regional location where labour shortages are a factor. In fact, country transportable homes are a common choice for those living in rural locations.  We have identified the following three areas as the reason why most of our clients choose to build a modular home in Western Australia rather than a conventionally built on-site home.

Controlled Time

One of the main benefits of building a transportable home in WA is the construction time.
  • Evoke transportable homes are built to 80% completion off-site in a controlled environment, safeguarding against delays and weather interruptions
  • Our modular homes avoid drawn-out construction timelines and are built in as little as 15 weeks
  • Time between delivery on-site by our experienced transport team and the handover is up to 3 weeks

Controlled Quality

As a leading modular home builder, Evoke Living Homes can guarantee the highest of quality builds due to controlled quality measures in place.
  • Our highly efficient modular construction process is comprised of steel frames rated to withstand the harsh weather conditions of rural Western Australia.
  • Off-site construction allows the building supervisor to keep a closer eye on the build, ensuring no on-site errors and that a high standard of quality is met
  • Modular homes are built to withstand the stress of transport. We use a pre-stressed concrete foundation and steel framing to provide maximum strength and durability.

Controlled Cost

Building a modular home ensures that the cost is more controlled.
We can ensure that the price of your modular home will be rigid. We strive to arrange a fixed price upon signing the contract so that you won't have to worry about add-ons during the building process.

your home, your way

Modular home design has come a (very) long way since the boxy units you might recall from decades ago. Along with streamlined production methods allowing for 15-week builds, today's modular homes are also highly customisable.
We build to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. Any of our 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom modular home designs can be tailored to your taste in a single meeting. And, you have the advantage of tracking construction as it happens so you can see your vision come to life.
After all, life in regional and remote WA can be tough. It's important your family lives comfortably in the home you've always dreamed of, without compromises or cost blowouts.


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