The 6 Step Construction Process of Prefabricated Homes

At Evoke Living Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering fully customizable boutique homes designed to suit the most demanding of Western Australian conditions. Dedicating ourselves to providing exceptional customer service, we can provide you with your dream house on budget and on time.

From initial enquiry, to design, to final installation there are various steps in the process to finally receiving your dream home.  To assist you with planning this lifetime project we have outlined our 6 step process below to give you an understanding of our main procedures.


Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff for more info.


Step 1. Enquiry

On attending your first appointment, you will meet with our team to discuss your design requirements. Our modular homes checklist will help you get ready for the exciting design stage. You may choose a home design based on our range or adapt and change a house plan to suit your family and lifestyle needs. There may be many design revisions before you are fully pleased with the layout but once you have decided on a design we will send you a detailed quote estimate. If required, one of our team will visit your site to evaluate the proposed orientation, site access, location of site-connections and any other requirements.  

Step 2: Pre-contract Stage

Once you are happy with the proposed design, before you sign a contract we will arrange working drawings, a soil report as part of the site engineering, bushfire attack level (if applicable) and energy ratings. This will assist with the planning stage later, and requires an initial deposit for preparation work. Once these are finalised, we will provide you with a fixed quote. Our friendly team will help you every step of the way and keep you informed as to the next steps to ensure your building experience is as efficient and hassle-free as possible. 

Step 3: Prestart

Once the pre-contract stage is complete, any approvals or permits required for your new modular home will be completed by our planning administration team. During this approvals process, it will be time to pay a visit to our colour selection centre to finalise your colour choices and specifications. Our colour consultant will help you add life to your home using our beautiful range of interior and exterior colours, surface finishes, floors and more.


Step 4: Construction

Once the building permits have been received, we will begin the construction of your Modular Home to 95% completion. This phase will take about 25 weeks and is carried out at our facility in Northam. During this time your consultant will be in touch with you regularly with progress reports and photos. You will be most welcome to come and visit us at any time to see how your home is coming along.


Step 5: Site Preparation

Based on your location Evoke Living Homes can complete these works for you, alternatively, TheEvoke Living Team will guide you through the works that need to be completed to ensure your site is ready for the delivery of your new home.


This includes:


  • Clearing of the land
  • Provide access track
  • Prune trees
  • Level pad (with road base)
  • Connections of services (once home is delivered)



Step 6: Delivery

Your house will be delivered on site by our highly experienced transport company. The final works can take up to 3 weeks, preparing the house for you to move in. Extras you may have purchased such as verandahs and carports will be completed during this stage. Together, we will make a final inspection of the home to check all details are completed to your satisfaction. Your new home is now ready to move into for many years of enjoyment!





While Evoke Living Homes endeavours to meet 15 week build times, due to the current high demand for home building in Western Australia, potential material shortages may increase build times.

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