Evoke Living Homes’ Checklist for Your Modular Home Design


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There are so many exciting factors to consider when you decide to design and build a modular home. For most of us, the fun part comes in getting to choose the colour scheme, imagining the design of the landscaping framing your modular home, and picking out the interior style features. However, to reach this enjoyable, creative stage, there are a few things that we need to tick off first.

Evoke Living Homes specialises in modular home design and building. Our prefab homes are built with steel frames, to withstand even the craziest West Australian weather conditions. Take a look at this great 3-minute video, made by Home WA, to hear all the benefits of designing a modular, steel framed home. We know what it takes to make a beautiful, comfortable and affordable modular home, so we have compiled a 'new house checklist' of what needs to be in place, to get you started and reach that exciting design stage…

1. Get to Know Your Landscape

Where is the best place to build a modular home on your property?

Different landscapes require different strategies, when it comes to building your modular home. Before you start thinking about the design or style of your modular home, it is important to assess if the land you plan to build on is viable. This isn’t something that you need to figure out on your own. An Evoke Living team member will happily come to your build site, and work with you to make this assessment. With an understanding of the landscape that you are working with, we can start to discuss possible design options for your modular home. For example, we would discuss where on your property would be the most cost-effective to build the modular home, taking into consideration the gradient of the land and distance from services.

2. Decide on a Budget

How can Evoke Living help you make the most out of your budget?

At this stage, it is important to know the financial parameters that you would like to work within. Take the time to discuss this with your partner or your family, and whatever you have in mind, the Evoke Living Homes team will find the best possible options to fit your needs and respect your budget. Whether you are after a small granny flat as an addition to your existing property, or a large modular family home, we can optimise affordability at every level, whilst giving you access to a huge variety of style options. Check out our Pricing and Finance information, to gain a better understanding of what to expect of modular home design prices.

2. Make a Plan with our Team

What time frame are you hoping to work within? Do you require any building permits for your property?

Having made an assessment of the build site, and gained an understanding of your budget, it’s time to create a roadmap with the Evoke Living Homes team, as to how things will proceed. You may be thinking; how long does it take to build a modular home? From the time that the slabs arrive in our construction facility, our team can build your modular home in as little as fifteen weeks. Check out a breakdown of our process to see exactly how we do this. A building permit may be required for your modular home. Evoke Living Homes can aid in the organisation of all permits required. However, if you are eager to research this process yourself, take a look at the WA government website, to learn about building permits in your area. At this point, we nail down all the details, and the team at Evoke Living Homes will start to form a contract.

4. Design Your Modular Home

Now comes the fun part! What colour scheme do you want for your transportable home? What kind of finishes do you like? Do you want to go with a contemporary style or a more classic look?

Before construction can begin, the Evoke Living team will introduce you to the immense variety of options available for the design of your modular home. We have colour consultants and design specialists to help you find exactly the style you are looking for. We can help you decide on the interior and exterior colours, advising on what colours work well together and popular choices in the past. We can also walk you through our gorgeous selection of surface finishes and flooring options. It may seem like there is a lot of choices to be made. However, it is a chance for you to get imaginative and create a home that reflects exactly your personal style. To start browsing all the possibilities for your modular home design, take a look at our selection here.

5. Sit Back, Relax, and Let us Create Your New Modular Home…

With all these points checked off, your new modular home can begin construction. What do you need to organise, so that your new modular home is ready to live in as soon as possible?

With such a quick build time, your new easy to maintain home will be ready before you know it, so it’s time to start making preparations! Maybe it’s time to buy some new furniture? Perhaps you want to buy some deluxe kitchen gadgets for the new house, such as a new coffee machine? It’s all up to you! The Evoke Living team will keep you up to date with photographs and progress reports of the production of your steel frame modular home. This way, you are in the know, and can organise the timing of all the other factors that go into building a new home.

Contact Evoke Living Homes to get the process started! Enquire now at our website or give us a call at 1300 138 653.