3 Modular Home Design Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Floor Plan


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Building a new home is a series of big (and small) decisions that add up to the perfect place to live. One of the biggest decisions is choosing the right builder to guide you through the process.

With an experienced builder and a clear vision of what you want, it’s easy to avoid the 3 most common missteps in modular home design.


Not Considering Solar Orientation

No, we’re not talking about star signs or Mercury in retrograde. Solar orientation is how your home is angled to maximise natural light all year without overheating in summer.


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North-facing windows

Capture the warm winter sun by orienting your transportable home with big windows that face north. Facing your kitchen, living and entertaining areas north will maximise natural light all year and allow your home to stay cool in summer and cosy in winter.

Passive solar design

Modern modular homes are incredibly energy efficient. You can further improve the thermal efficiency and reduce reliance on air conditioning by considering passive design elements. Basically, passive design is a series of choices that make the most of WA’s abundant sunshine and cool afternoon breezes for better energy efficiency.


Future Planning

Think ahead a few years: will your home be big enough for a growing family? Will teenagers (or aging parents) have their own living space? Do you really need a second living room?

Not too big, not too small

Bigger homes mean more furniture, higher energy costs and less backyard on a compact lot. Before you choose the biggest floor plan your budget allows, consider whether your family will need the space in 2, 5 and 10 years. Our modular home designers will work with you to maximise available space without overdoing floor space.


Inflexible Layout

One of the biggest advantages of transportable homes in WA is the flexibility to customise floor plans without high architect fees.

Live, work and play at home

Computer-based modular home design allows for adding or removing a spare bedroom, moving a living room, doubling the garage space and creating flexible multi-use spaces. Also consider:

  • Bedroom arrangements
  • Kitchen features and functionality
  • Multi-use spaces to relax and entertain
  • Indoor/outdoor living areas
  • Separate home office space if necessary

Your home’s layout should suit your lifestyle. Before signing off on the floor plan and design elements, request a virtual walkthrough to get a better feel for the flow of your home.


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