Crafting Your Ideal Living Zone: Essential Tips for Modular Home Design


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Fleur Draffin

Your living zone is the heart of your new home, a space that can profoundly influence your family's enjoyment of your new residence. Hence, getting it right is essential! Whether you have a clear vision of your dream living space or are starting from scratch, focusing on certain key aspects, from layout to lighting, can result in a living area that fulfills all your needs.

People expect a lot from their living spaces. Striking the perfect balance between comfort, style, and functionality is paramount. It should be a sanctuary for relaxation after a long day and a hub for social gatherings. For growing families, it must accommodate large family meals, while for others, creating a cozy atmosphere is a top priority.

With meticulous planning, you can check all the right boxes. Read on for our top tips to help you create a living zone that's perfect for you and your family.

1. Embrace Open Plan Living

Open-plan living designs have gained popularity for good reason. Merging the living, kitchen, and dining areas creates the illusion of more space by eliminating confining walls. This multifunctional space invites natural light and ventilation, lending a bright and airy ambiance.

Open-plan living fosters a flexible shared space that accommodates various activities, even in our busy modern lives, bringing family members together.

2. Harness Natural Light and Height

The orientation of your home and living areas is crucial. When your living spaces face north, windows and doors can welcome ample natural light, especially during the winter months (with the added bonus of lower electricity bills!). Thoughtful placement and sizing of windows can maximise natural light and scenic views.

Ceiling height plays a significant role in the perceived size and atmosphere of your living space. A living zone with 2.7m ceilings exudes a sense of luxury and spaciousness. Consider upgrading to raked ceilings in living areas for an even more dramatic effect—prepare to be amazed by the transformation!

3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Designing your home with a seamless indoor-outdoor flow creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Large sliding doors that open to the deck or alfresco area not only offer easy access but also capture light and stunning views. Bi-fold doors can make a bold statement, merging indoor and outdoor zones with breathtaking elegance.

Having effortless access to your outdoor living spaces allows your living zone to adapt to various needs, whether it's entertaining guests, enjoying a barbecue, or savoring your morning coffee in the fresh air.

4. Adaptability to Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether you're a couple building your first home, a growing family in need of ample space, or retirees looking to downsize, a well-planned living zone should be adaptable to the changing needs of your household without requiring costly alterations.

Consider how you currently spend your downtime and incorporate features that complement or enhance those activities. A well-designed kitchen with an island bench can facilitate flow and meal preparation for a large family, while a comfortable viewing area is a must for those who love spending evenings on the couch watching TV.

5. Personalise Your Space

Visualising the perfect living zone during the home design phase can be challenging, but if you nail the fundamentals, you're on the right track. Prioritise natural light and integrate intelligent features that align with your lifestyle. Ensure the space is roomy enough to accommodate flexible furniture arrangements, allowing you to live exactly the way you want.

Your living zone will then become a place where you can relax and create cherished memories with family and friends for years to come.


In Conclusion

Creating your dream living space is just a step away. Our expert team is ready to turn your vision into reality. Whether you have questions, need advice, or are eager to begin your modular home design journey, we're here to help.