Why are Steel Framed Homes Overtaking Timber and Brick?


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Tricia Pollard


Building a new home is an exciting yet overwhelming time.

The main decision that homeowners struggle with making is choosing between brick, timber, or steel-framed construction.

Making an informed choice between these materials is vital to the strength, durability, integrity, and cost of your new home. 


So, why is steel overtaking timber and brick as the preferred building material?


Efficient & Cost-Effective

If you're keen on moving into your new home sooner, then a steel-framed home is the way to go as it cuts out all that extra time and labour required to construct a timber or double-brick home.

There is no give-or-take with energy efficiency between steel-framed homes and brick. At no extra cost, you will be saving money with the thermal regulation you receive by using steel.

Our steel frames are prefabricated for your design, which means more efficient installation once construction commences, and practically no wastage of your materials which then, equals fewer material costs and better value for your money.

Virtually indestructible, steel is resistant to fire, insects, wind, and natural disasters. These factors combined reduce your home insurance premiums.




Environmentally Friendly

We can all do a little extra to protect our environment for years to come. Steel is a sustainable option as it does not require de-forestation and helps lower carbon emissions to promote clean air. Steel frames cause minimal site impact and are 100% recyclable as it doesn't require to be treated by any toxins or chemicals.



As the biggest investment of your life, you want your home to last. The consequence of timber frames is moisture and expansion. On the other hand, steel will not split, warp, swell, or deteriorate over time. 

By now we are all aware of how hungry termites are for timber! Statistically, one in five houses in Australia is affected by termites. In the prevention of this, timber requires a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals which can end up deteriorating over time. However, one of the greatest benefits of steel is that it is 100% termite and insect-proof as is.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, steel is non-combustible. Ember-proof frames reduce the speed of a fire spreading, which after a bushfire can mean the difference between fixing your home or having to rebuild it. 




In Conclusion 

Selecting the ideal material for your home is a significant decision, and it's important to recognise that everyone's needs can vary. To assist you in making the best choice, consider these key questions:

  • Is my region prone to termites?
  • How does my local climate impact my home's structural integrity?
  • Am I in a bushfire-prone area?
  • How much am I willing to pay for ongoing repairs and replacement?
  • What is my overall budget and project timeline?
  • How long am I willing to wait and how much am I willing to invest?


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