Modular Homes are the Future of WA's Housing Market


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Tricia Pollard

The Western Australian housing crisis is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore! This problem is largely due to the industry’s slow shift away from traditional building practices, and it is clear that we're not going to get out of this without taking some innovative steps.


Keep reading to find out how modular construction is the solution to WA's housing crisis... 


Modular construction is a highly effective, affordable, and cutting-edge solution to WA's housing crisis. The modular homes produced by Evoke Living Homes are completely customisable, built in our controlled Northam construction facility by our tight-knit construction crew, and then delivered to the site. This method reduces the time it takes to build a home from around 3 years to just 12 months making modular construction the perfect solution for the current housing crisis, whilst also creating jobs locally and supporting local suppliers throughout the process.




Modular Build Panel to Speed Up Housing Delivery

The Modular Build Program was established by the Housing Minister of Western Australia as a faster alternative to deliver social housing in the current heated construction market. This is part of the McGowan Government’s $2.4 billion investment in housing and homelessness services in WA over the next four years, including the delivery of around 3,300 new social dwellings.


Evoke Living Homes was recently listed as one of six companies appointed as part of the modular build panel for social housing. The key benefit of this is that a lot of time is saved on the procurement processes, as all participating companies have already been through a rigorous assessment process and been pre-approved to deliver modular social housing for the State.


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(Image retrieved from John Carey's Facebook - Not Evoke Living Homes featured) 


Comments attributed from Housing Minister John Carey:

"Modular construction offers many advantages, including less risk of weather delays and works able to be carried out on-site simultaneously with the factory build. The companies that deliver these homes have all the necessary trades in-house, so they have the capacity to deliver faster than traditional builds in the current market." "Had these homes been built on site via traditional construction methods, we expect these homes would still be a long way from delivery."


Evoke Living Homes to be even more efficient in 2023!

Last year Evoke Living Homes became one of five successful candidates for the Wheatbelt Regional Economic Development (RED) Grant. This grant will fund the construction of a new purpose-built undercover manufacturing facility in Northam.




Rain, wind, and extreme heat can all impact the construction of any project and can result in significant time loss, potentially adding weeks or months to build times. The new shelter at Evoke will improve efficiency and eliminate delays caused by unfavorable weather conditions, boosting regional housing stock.





In Conclusion

If you’re ready to build your dream home and don’t want to wait any longer than you have to, then a modular home can be the ideal solution for you!

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