Modular Homes Remain Unaffected by WA Construction Delays


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The rush to take advantage of the government grant funding available in 2020 has resulted in many WA builders taking on more than they can handle. As long as the concrete slab was poured inside the Government-provided timeframe, Western Australians hoping to extend their home or build a new house were eligible for tens of thousands of dollars in state and federal building grants.


However, the overwhelming number of people capitalising on these government schemes has led to a shortage of labour and materials across WA. In some cases, build times for homes have been blown out to over three years, and many have faced unexpected costs as construction companies come to grips with the rising cost of local trades and highly demanded supplies.

Essentially, in signing a contract with a WA builder of non-prefabricated homes at the moment, you are risking the potential of hidden costs arising and extreme delays.


Avoid Building Delays with Evoke Living Homes

In an industry that is seeing unprecedented construction delays, modular remains an ideal option for new homes in regional WA as it has been largely unaffected by shortages plus it has a highly efficient manufacturing process. Unlike many builders in WA, when building an Evoke living modular home, you will get transparent pricing, high-quality and trusted trades, fast build times and stringent quality control.


Controlled Build Time

Built in a controlled environment and the ability to overlap the site preparation and construction of your home means the quickest way to build your home in rural and regional WA is to utilise a modular and prefabricated steel frame building method.

Prefabricated steel framed homes are 95% completed in the Evoke Living Homes facility and then expertly put together onsite. Depending on the size and location of your house, Evoke Living Homes can cut down your build time to just 15-25 weeks.


Controlled Costs

All design elements and building costs are confirmed before the construction of the steel frame home begins. Modular homes offer very good value for money while a controlled construction process leads to less cost blow-outs and hidden surprises.


Controlled Quality

Modular homes are often more structurally sound, as they need to withstand traveling by truck across long distances to arrive at your site. Built in a controlled environment, the home is inspected frequently providing stringent quality control.

Steel frame homes are structurally sound and resilient to weather and termites that may affect wooden framed homes. With nearly 40 years’ of experience, Evoke Living Homes are expertly designed to withstand the extremes of the rural Australian climate.


Environmentally Friendly

Building our homes in a factory dramatically reduces building waste as excess materials can be used on future projects. Our footing and sub-floor design requires less penetrations into the ground on-site, minimising environmental impact.


Build Faster & Build Better With Evoke Living Homes

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