Building Resilient Steel-Framed Homes in Earthquake-Prone Regions


Written By

Fleur Draffin


Did you know that many towns east of Perth are located in earthquake-prone regions? Building a brick home in these areas can quickly become an expensive and frustrating endeavor due to the need for extensive reinforcement and additional costs. For years, Western Australians have relied on traditional brick homes, dealing with the necessary upgrades.

However, there's a better way—steel-framed homes designed to withstand seismic activity.




Why Brick is a Poor Choice in Earthquake-Prone Areas

Brick, while sturdy, becomes exceedingly brittle when combined with mortar, leaving little room for movement. Any ground movement can cause bricks to crack, crumble, or collapse—a situation no one wants in an earthquake-prone region.


The Extra Costs of Building Brick Homes

Constructing a brick home in earthquake zones demands significant investments. It involves wall-to-floor anchoring, reinforced mortar, plates, bolts, and bracing along the brick walls to prevent collapses. Due to the labor and materials involved, the price of a brick home in these areas can skyrocket, often exceeding $100 per square meter.




How We Can Reduce the Cost of Your Home in an Earthquake-Prone Area


As a steel-framed builder, our homes don't require extensive reinforcement to withstand earthquakes. The steel-framed construction process makes the buildings lighter at the top, with vertical steel members designed to direct forces caused by swaying and bouncing to the foundation.

Furthermore, our homes are built on pre-stressed concrete slabs. Pre-stressing involves intentionally creating irreversible stress points to withstand seismic stress. This results in a higher structural capacity compared to conventionally reinforced concrete.

Our homes are constructed to earthquake-proof standards, providing a more cost-effective and efficient option for building in earthquake zones compared to traditional brick construction methods.

If you'd like to learn more about the durability of steel-framed homes or discuss your specific needs, please [click here](link to contact page) or schedule an appointment with one of our friendly team members. We're here to help you build a resilient and affordable home in earthquake-prone areas.