Polished Concrete Flooring (The Best Flooring Option For Your New Home)


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Tricia Pollard


Polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring option that has become more popular in residential homes. It is simple to maintain and easy to clean, making it the perfect flooring solution for your modular home.


Whether you are looking for a modern or a traditional look, you can be sure to find the right solution by choosing a concrete floor that fits your lifestyle.


Can I have polished flooring in my modular home?

Yes! Polished flooring is a great option for your new modular home. We recommend you do your research first and understand the different types of finishes. Please contact us or our polished concrete supplier if you have any questions!


It is important to consider this flooring option in the early stages of planning as it does alter the construction process.


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Is Polished Concrete slippery?

Polished concrete is slip-resistant as is. Nevertheless, adding water to any hard flooring will make it slippery. It is best to clean up any spills and messes immediately.


Is Polished Concrete Cold?

It can be quite cold, but no colder than tiled flooring. Ensure your home is designed and oriented correctly and have concrete flooring in the areas of your home that absorb the most amount of sunlight (living areas, kitchen, etc).


Does Polished Concrete Crack?

As part of the initial curing process cracks can happen. However, there are ways to disguise, fill, and seal them to draw attention away.

All Evoke Living Homes are built on pre-stressed concrete slabs which are a lot stronger than standard concrete pads making them less prone to cracking.




Polished vs. Burnished Concrete
Burnished concrete flooring is a cheaper alternative to polished. Burnished concrete has a smooth and harder surface whereas polished typically looks shinier and sleeker.

Burnishing is the process of applying enough pressure to the top of your flooring until it starts to glow, or “burn” in certain areas. It gives off a soft light reflection instead of the high shine you get from polished concrete floors.


Polished Concrete vs. Terrazzo:

The biggest difference between polished concrete and terrazzo is the cement-to-aggregate ratio. Polished concrete contains more cement whereas terrazzo contains more aggregate. Terrazzo is also a more durable and decorative option, though it can be more costly than polished concrete.


Polished Concrete vs. Tile:

Concrete flooring requires no grout, giving you a sleeker look and is easier to maintain. However, nowadays there are a lot more tile options that give you a sleek and grout-less appearance.

All in all, concrete and tile flooring are quite similar when it comes to durability and longevity, leaving it all up to personal preference.




In Conclusion

Polished concrete is one of the most versatile and luxurious floor finishes. This flooring option has a lot to love, from its deluxe look and feel to its low maintenance and durability. It also adds value and a sense of elegance to your home. 


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