5 Key Advantages of Modular Homes


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WBS Homes

Prefabricated modular homes may still evoke images of uninspiring, boxy structures from the 1970s for some, but the truth is that modular home construction and engineering have made remarkable strides over the past two decades.

Today's modular homes benefit from cutting-edge materials and technologies, emerging as a genuinely appealing alternative for building your next home. These modern marvels not only slash construction time but also deliver sophistication, modernity, and impeccable quality.

Let's dive into what sets modular homes apart and makes them an increasingly attractive choice for homeowners.

1. Exceptional Quality Without Compromise

One of the pressing issues in today's home building market is variable build quality. When corners are cut during construction, homeowners can encounter serious problems down the line. Modular homes, however, are crafted in a consistent manner within closely supervised facilities, adhering to stringent quality standards. This assures you that your investment is not just sound but also built to withstand the test of time, with robust components.

2. Drastically Reduced Build Times

The most well-known advantage of prefabricated modular homes is their rapid construction. But did you know that prefab modular construction is 30 to 50% faster than conventional builds? It's also significantly more efficient because the foundation and site preparation processes occur in parallel with construction. While workers prepare your site, the home components are simultaneously manufactured in the off-site facility. These synchronised efforts result in homes that can be erected in as little as 15 weeks.

3. Compliance with Australian Codes and Standards

When you opt for prefabricated modular homes, there's no compromise on quality or safety. These homes are constructed using the same materials and adhere to the same construction codes as conventional homes. Your peace of mind is built into every modular home.

4. Cost-Effective for Remote Areas

Building in a remote location often necessitates factoring in additional budget and extended timeframes due to increased travel and accommodation expenses for workers. Prefabricated modular homes offer a cost-effective solution. They are manufactured off-site in a controlled facility and swiftly assembled on-site, resulting in substantial cost and time savings.

5. Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

Building a new home is an exhilarating journey, and you deserve to stay updated on its progress. Traditional building processes can make this challenging without frequent inquiries to your builders. In contrast, prefabricated modular building manufacturers and specialists have established processes to keep you informed about your new home's progress. You're also welcome to visit at any time, allowing you to witness the evolution of your new home firsthand.

With the advent of new materials and innovative manufacturing and building techniques, prefabricated modular homes have never been more appealing. When it comes to achieving the perfect blend of quality, sophistication, and expedited build times, prefab homes stand as an unbeatable choice. Embrace the future of home construction with Evoke Living Homes.