5 Advantages of Modular Homes


Many people still associate prefabricated modular homes with the cheap, boxy buildings from the 1970s. But did you know that over the past 20 years, modular home construction and engineering have improved leaps and bounds?

Today’s modular homes benefit from new and improved materials and technologies, and are a truly viable alternative way of building your next home. Not only do modern modular homes reduce build time significantly, the results are sophisticated, modern, and high quality.

Discover what makes modular homes such an attractive choice for many home builders and owners.

No cutting corners

One major issue with today’s home building market is the variable build quality. If corners are cut during the building of your new home, you can find yourself facing serious problems later on.

Because modular homes are manufactured in a consistent manner within a highly supervised facility, to stringent quality standards, you can be sure that your investment is sound, and that the components of your home are robust.

Dramatically reduced build times

This is the most well-known benefit of prefabricated modular homes, but do you know that prefab modular construction is 30 to 50% faster than conventional builds? It is also much more efficient, because the foundation and site preparation processes take place in parallel with the construction process. Workers prepare your site, while the home components are manufactured in the off-site facility. All this occurs at the same time, and adds up to homes that can be built in as little as 15 weeks.

Built to Australian codes and standards

There is no compromise on quality or safety when you choose prefabricated modular homes. They are built using the same materials and construction codes as conventional homes.

Cost-effective for remote areas

When building in a remote location, you can at times have to factor in additional budget and time-frames due to additional travel and accommodation expenses for the workers. Prefabricated modular homes are constructed off site in a facility then quickly put together on site, yielding a lot of cost and time savings.

Keep up to date with the progress of your new home

Building a new home is an incredibly exciting time in your life and you want to be kept up-to-date with process and see how it is coming along. Traditional building processes make it hard to do this without annoying your builders every few days for a progress update.

In contrast, prefabricated modular building manufacturers and building specialists have the processes and practices in place to keep you updated on the progress of your new home, and you are welcome to visit at any time to see for yourself where your new home is at.


With the emergence of new materials and new manufacturing and building techniques, prefabricated modular homes are more viable than ever before. In terms of the balance between quality, sophistication and build times, nothing can beat prefab.

If you want to know more about Modular Homes in WA then download the guide on the modular building process. If you still haven’t made your mind up and want some more info, then download the Frame Construction vs Brick and Tile EBook to find out some more information on how Modular Homes are built. 

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