The Five fundamental Rules of Home Design


When it comes to the design of your dream home, it can be tempting to go all the way and throw out all those musty old rules in pursuit of your vision. After all, it is your home! But some rules are there for good reason, and many an ambitious homeowner have fallen into some common traps because they disregarded them. Here are five fundamental rules that you should follow when considering the design of your home.

Orientate Living Spaces North

When your home is properly orientated it can make it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. It allows standard eave overhangs to allow the winter sun in and keep the summer sun out with no effort and no additional costs.

Do Your Research On The Land You Are Planning To Build On

Steep sites may increase building costs, rocky ground may increase building or excavation prices, you may also require a permit to remove trees. Check if the site is subject to flood related development controls or other planning overlays imposed by the local council.

Don’t Make It Too Open Plan

Who doesn’t love the light, airy, bright and inviting open plan homes designs? They are great for entertaining and offer endless design opportunities. But all of these wonderful advantages come with one big downfall: noise!

Here are some ways to minimise noise reflection:

  • Add a few more doors and walls, just enough to offer privacy where appropriate.
  • Using more absorbent flooring such as carpet, linoleum or rubber which will reduce reverberation
  • Soft window furnishings like curtains or fabric blinds will absorb more noise than timber shutters
  • Keeping ceiling heights at a standard 2400mm can also reduce noise


Design The Home Around Your Family

How your home is designed can radically impact how it feels and how you feel in it. Families grow and change and a well designed home can accommodate that.

Use your design to maintain privacy. Managing the view in and out of your home through its design will enhance that feeling of security and safety within it.

Stay connected with your kids by designing casual areas where people can congregate easily during everyday activities. A big island bench is a great example.

Use Standard Construction Techniques And Materials

This will keep unnecessary costs down. Use standard 2400mm high flat ceilings - any higher can cause the construction cost to skyrocket. Similarly, detailed lighting with bulk heads look great but the price is even greater. Avoid mounted lights that illuminate down the wall, it requires a top level plaster finish which is very costly.

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