Building a Stumped Home on a Sloping Block


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Lavinia Fawkes

Are you looking to build a home in the rolling Perth Hills? Have you bought a block in Western Australia that has uneven or sloped land? If the answer is yes, then the chances are that you will need to build your home on stumps.

At Evoke Living Homes, we have helped hundreds of families build their dream homes safely on country WA land. Our experienced team has shared some advice below about stumped homes and the process of installing them.

Benefits of a Sloping Block

Don't be scared of the slope! Building your home on a steep slope has many benefits:

  • Building on a slope, especially with a stump house, gives you a whole new perspective of the view from your land. You will be able to see further than you could ever imagine.
  • Sloped or uneven land is often much more affordable. However, once you build a house and landscape the block, the resale value skyrockets.
  • Potential buyers will pay top dollar for the elevated view that comes from building your house on stumps.
  • The possibilities for sloping block home designs are endless. The stumps' elevation could allow you to build multi-level decks, and entertainment areas with extraordinary views, or see straight out to the horizon from your master bedroom.

About Stumped Homes

If you have a steep block of land to work with, then building on stumps is an excellent solution to ensure your home has solid foundations to last the test of time.

Is my land suitable for a stumped home?

If your land gradient is greater than one metre, if the land or soil changes often, or even if you want to optimise under-home storing or make the most of a scenic view, a stumped home might be suitable for you.

Is building a stumped home cost-effective?

Compared to extensive earthworks or retaining, stumps can also be quicker and more cost-effective. Before purchasing your land in rural Western Australia, we recommend seeking advice from your land surveyor or rural home builder. At Evoke Living Homes, we have specialists that can estimate the costs associated with building your home on stumps. While these homes can be more cost-effective, this is not always the case, so make sure you seek support before committing to any land or build.


Stump Installation on Your Sloping Block

How does stump installation work?

Firstly, the land is surveyed. When purchasing the land for your new home build, it's essential to complete a geotechnical analysis of the ground. This may sound scary, or expensive but it is actually quite simple and is crucial to ensure your home remains sturdy and retains its value well into the future.

After the geotechnical analysis, an engineer will design the size, type, and the number of necessary stumps. Each stump can support a certain weight, so your building team will use information regarding the soil and the gradient to determine the type and number of stumps necessary to support your home. On-site, the exact location of each stump is marked out with wooden sticks or spray paint. Then, using an auger (a big drill), they will dig the holes. The holes' depth and diameter are also established by the construction expert, depending on how reactive the soil is and the weight they need to support.


Building a Stumped Modular Home on a Sloping Block

Why should I choose a stumped modular home for my sloping block?

Stumped homes provide a tried and true solution for building on sloping blocks. At Evoke Living Homes, we can assist in surveying your land and analysing the cost difference between using stumped or slab foundations, allowing us to recommend the best option for your land and your dream home.

The main benefit of building a stumped modular home on your sloping block is that minimal site disturbance is required while the modular home is being built. The modular home will be constructed offsite at the Evoke Living facility in Northam. See Our Process webpage for more on how we construct your modular home. This means that your land can be prepared at the same time that your home is being built, shortening the overall length of the project.

As well as providing a solution for building on sloped Western Australian land, stumps can also be used if the soil on your property is reactive or if you want to raise your home to make the most of stunning country views or even to allow space for under-home storage!

If you just bought a block that slopes by more than a meter, you might be tempted to use a traditional slab on the ground. Sometimes, the costs for earthworks and retaining will be more expensive than choosing to build a stump home. Elevating the house to negate the slope of the block is one of the solutions we offer at Evoke Living Homes.

Another benefit is that if your stumps are over one metre high, we may need to use a crane to lift your house into position. Why is this a benefit? It is super cool to see your whole entire house floating in the air.

In building a modular home on stumps, we can get very creative with the design to make the most of your land and your view. Take a look at our Modular Homes Design webpage to check out all the possibilities!


What Are the Potential Challenges of Building a Stumped Modular Home on My Sloping Block?

As with any construction project, building modular homes on steep blocks comes with its challenges.

Depending on the steepness of your block, access to your land may be challenging for construction workers. Some excavation work will be required to install the stumps. In addition to this, depending on your property's unique requirements, retaining walls may need to be installed.

Your land may require special council approval to ensure that the project does not cause erosion or landslip. To determine if these issues will apply, a geotechnical report may be needed.

Ultimately, it is essential that your house is safe. Therefore, more planning and extra safety measures may be required relative to a flat piece of land and a home that is not on stumps.


Can Evoke Help Me Build a Stumped Modular Home on a Steep Block?

Yes! If you're feeling stumped about stumped homes, you aren't alone.

Stumped homes provide a tried and true solution for building on sloping blocks. At Evoke Living Homes, we can assist in surveying your land and analysing the cost difference between using stumped or slab foundations, allowing us to recommend the best option for your land and your dream home.

To work out the best option for your build, the Evoke Living Homes team is always happy to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.