5 Ways To Improve Natural Ventilation


Written By

Lavinia Fawkes


Natural home ventilation can help you keep costs down, once your house is up! Plus, it’s the eco-friendly solution to keeping your home cool and comfortable year-round. Consider these tips when building your new home.

1. Position Your Windows and Doors Strategically 

Most home builders in Perth as well as home builders in WA in general will know windows and doors should be positioned to take full advantage of the prevailing winds. Since these will vary on your individual site, you will want to consider the likely airflow and how you can position your entryways and windows to allow for the perfect amount of ventilation.


2. Be Clever with Your Window Choices 

Choose your windows carefully as simple things like the shape of the openings can affect airflow patterns and how the air flows through the rooms in your home. Choose windows that maximise ventilation when they are fully opened, but also can then limit the airflow inside when they are not opened fully giving you flexibility for your lifestyle.


3. Consider Cross Ventilation 

Air is always sucked towards an area in your home where there is lower air pressure. That is why ideally, home builders will have openings on at least two sides of your room, on either opposite or adjacent walls. This allows for cross ventilation and ensures that you have a steady inflow and outflow of fresh WA air that will keep your home comfortable.


4. Get Technical

Ventilation systems can be installed that will adjust your window openings depending on internal temperature. This allows airflow inside your home and also releases and regulates the heat. This works very well if you have windows that are hard to reach and means that you can come home to a pleasant space after being out for the day or when you wake up in the morning. 


5. Get the Air Moving

Systems known as convective ventilation, or stack ventilation use the characteristics and temperature differences of air to influence its movement patterns. Warm air will rise and escape through openings that are up higher, which means that it brings in cooler air from lower down as it makes its way up.


While these factors should be considered when designing your new home or property, you can keep your current home cooler by opening some windows overnight. Even in WA, our hot summer air naturally cools in the evening so leaving windows open at night will allow for more ventilation the next day, just make sure you have your bug screens secured!