Why Modular Homes Are Great For Rural Western Australians


Rural home builders in Western Australia shouldn’t burden homeowners with distance delays and inflated construction costs. If you’re speaking to a WA country builder stuck in the old ways of bricks and mortar, it’s time to rethink the approach.

Modular Homes in WA

Modern modular homes offer all the flexibility and customisation of building from scratch, with the added benefits of cost savings and faster build times. For country WA that means:

  • Custom built family homes
  • Designed for the conditions
  • Built by an experienced WA rural home builder
  • Shorter build time

Shorter Build Time

Material transport

Forget the frustration (and cost) of waiting weeks for materials to be sourced and sent by road train. Your modular home is built to 95% completion off-site , in just 15 weeks. It’s transported to you, assembled on-site, and finished by a skeleton team.

No more weather delays

The same off-site construction method means a controlled build environment. Project supervisors keep a close eye on progress while rain, wind and dust are taken out of the equation.

Protection Against the Elements

BAL assessment

After a devastating bushfire season, rural home builders have never been more conscious of building homes that stand up against the elements. Modular homes in WA should give peace of mind, which is why we conduct a BAL assessment prior to contract. This is to ensure our homes meet the requirements and there are no unexpected costs after the contract has been signed.

We calculate the costs of construction based upon achieving a BAL rating of 12.5, however if the Bushfire assessors determine your land to have a higher rated BAL, this can increase costs through upgrades.

Energy efficiency

Scorching summers, long wet seasons and harsh conditions are a reality of life in regional and remote WA. That’s why our steel-framed modular homes are specially designed for year-round comfort, maintaining a 6-star energy rating.

Design flexibility

Design for the block

Rough terrain? Sloped lots? Sandy ground? Not a problem. With minimal site excavation while your home is being built, modular homes can be customised to suit almost any block.

That includes flexible floor plans and steel-stumped construction to work around natural features on your block.


Lower site costs

  • Our modular homes are delivered on a concrete slab, meaning site works are significantly lower than an in-situ build.

Controlled environment:

  • We avoid costs blow-outs as our homes are built in a controlled environment.

Modular homes in WA: More home for less

Here at Evoke Living Homes, we’re proud to be the premier rural home builder in WA specialising in beautiful and modular homes built for the conditions.

Find out more about our range of customisable modular homes designs or get in touch to discuss your dream home project.