What is a Prefabricated Home?



It’s become one of the most common terms in the housing industry, but what exactly is prefabricated housing?

Prefabricated homes are traditionally specialised dwellings built off-site, in advance of installation. They are prepared in standard sections for easy shipment and assembly. With advancement of technology and construction, prefabricated homes offer unique designs, some which vitually look identical to site-built homes, also providing the same quality, comfort and integrity. Prefabricated homes have developed significantly in recent times and have changed how people view transportable housing.

Speed is one of the significant advantages that prefabricated homes offer. Fast and efficient, these homes can be completed and installed on your property within 15 weeks, as having them built off-site means easy contractor accessibility, minimal weather distruption, and ease of builder access. 

At WBS Homes all prefabricated homes are built to a 6 star energy rating and above. The plans are sent to our assessor for certification before any construction takes place.

Prefabricated housing is no longer just a low cost kit home and a solution for rural housing needs. It has broadened its scope to include affordable housing solutions right through to state-of-the-art architectural homes, perfect for customers from all walks of life. New unique designs are being developed everyday,  providing you with your dream home and lifestyle; quickly and efficiently. 

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