Tin or Tiled?


Concrete tiled roofs have been used across Australia for over 75 years, however recent years has seen the rise of corrugated steel, or Colorbond roofs! So, what’s the difference and what truly is a better option?


Tiled roofs are available in a variety of Colours to contrast or complement the rest of your home. They can offer a traditional homestyle look or create a unique and modern design that suits your taste perfectly.

When considering a Colorbond roof this is much the same! The options of styles and colours on the market are almost limitless. From the traditional Corodek style to the new and sleek Colorbond Steel Matt profile, the design options are only limited by your imagination.


Whilst a concrete tile has the versatility of different design aspects; they are considerably heavier in comparison to a steel roof. With tiles weighing up to 60kg per square metre, in contrast to the Colorbond alternative of 5kg per square metre, this makes it much harder to achieve varying roof pitches.

Colorbond Steel and its lightweight construction are the preferred option for architectural and varying roof style designs as it can achieve different angles and curves that concrete tiling cannot.


Designed for the harsh Australian conditions, Colorbond Steel roofing is much more resilient and weather resistant than traditional concrete tiles. The lifespan of a steel roof is therefore greatly increased in comparison to a tiled roof, with the added bonus of significantly less maintenance required throughout the lifetime of your home!

For those living out in the country and intending to collect stormwater runoff into their water tanks, Colorbond roofs are for you! Due to their steel composition, they will not erode with sedentary water, and will allow you to harvest a lot more water than the tiled counterparts!

Energy efficiency

Tiled roofs unfortunately do not offer a complete seal between each component, which can at times affect the insulation properties of your home. Colorbond on the other hand is completely sealed to eliminate this issue, resulting in reduced energy costs!

When comparing the energy efficiency of your roof, it is important to consider that the colour can in some cases have a greater effect on the energy efficiency of your home. Having a darker roof; whether Colorbond or Concrete tiles will absorb more temperate increasing insulation and cooling costs. Our construction Manager Mark says:

“If you want to go for a darker roof, increase the insulation in your home to improve the thermal rating! Your wallet will be thanking you for years to come!’


Cost can play a crucial part in determining what type of roof you decide to have on your home! It is true, that in some cases, concrete tiles can be more cost effective to install. However, when factoring costs of future maintenance, the lifetime cost of tiling is significantly greater than Colorbond roofing.

So which roof is best for you?

We recommend looking at each factor above as it relates to your situation.  Weigh up its degree of importance, and then decide which roofing material best serves your particular needs, tastes, and lifestyle!. 

 If you have any questions, or feedback please let us know by calling us on 1300 1 EVOKE

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