How To Reduce Energy Costs This Summer


With summer approaching and the weather heating up, it seems we are all searching for ways to keep cool. For a lot of us, that means resorting to our air conditioners! Unfortunately, one thing that is less than cool about an air conditioner is those expensive bills that seem to come along with them.

We have come up with 5 simple steps to keep cool and reduce those pesky electricity bills:

Run a fan instead

Fans are cheap to run, and work by evaporating moisture from the skin; creating a cooling effect. Using a fan can allow us to reduce the use of our air conditioners, cutting energy bills significantly.

Get savvy with your air conditioner

Let’s face it, some days you need an air conditioner to stay cool! When using your air conditioner, set temperatures between 24 and 25 degrees. Setting an air conditioner just one degree warmer than you normally would can cut cooling costs by 10 per cent! Make sure to shut doors and windows whilst running your air conditioner to maxmise use throughout the home.

Windows & Shading

Add window coverings such as curtains or blinds that fit snugly around windows. This can reduce seasonal heat exchange by almost half. Blinds with light-coloured backings on window-facing sides can significantly deflect sun heat!

Open windows in the evening to allow in the cool air and shut blinds and curtains during the day to prevent sunlight heating up your home.

Maintain your air conditioner

Ensure air conditioners are in good shape by regularly cleaning or replacing the filter, keeping outdoor equipment for the system free of dirt, leaves and other debris, and covering the external part of the system when not in use during cooler months

Avoid using heated appliances

On a hot day, avoid using your oven and heated appliances. Using a lot of heated appliances can often increase the overall heat in your home, making your air conditioner need to work harder! This can often lead to increased electricity bills.

To find out more ways to save on electricity this summer, download the below guide. 

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