Is It Really Possible to Build a Modular Home in WA in 15 weeks?


Brick and tile was once Western Australia’s most common type of construction because they were the largest exporter of brick (according to the Guinness Book of Records). This has all began to change.

Modular homes and steel frame construction has become increasingly popular. One reason it is such a fast growing market is that modular home construction is fast and efficient.

The speed of construction is down to a few different factors:

Built in a Supervised & Controlled Environment

Because the modular home building process is highly supervised and continually checked for quality and that workmanship meets and exceeds standards, they don't have to waste time correcting their mistakes.

They also have less time waiting. The engineering and design elements are part of the building process, and all the elements can be created at the same time. For instance, in traditional building, you erect the walls, then wait for the rafters to be created on the spot (there can be quite a few hold ups and waiting for particular tradies involved) You skip this entirely with modular homes.

Not only do Modular Builders skip all the waiting and correcting, they don't have to stop for bad weather either. The undercover facility protects workers, equipment and materials, so your home construction won’t be delayed come rain, hail or shine!

No Traveling Between Sites

90% of the construction happens at the facility, so workers can skip hours of commute time. This is highly beneficial for those living in regional areas.

They can also work on more than one building at a time, making the whole process more efficient. When one person shifts from installing windows in one house to installing windows in another house just by walking a couple of feet, there is no gathering up new materials or changing mental gears. That person can just repeat their actions with no down time.

All Materials Are At One Site

The heavy machinery, tools, and materials that are necessary to build a home are stored together in one spot for modular homes. Earth workers can prep your land for the house, including putting in the driveway and septic system, in the same 15 or so weeks it takes to build the house with all the heavy equipment already at their disposal.

The Team Is Not Stretched Thin

Giving too much work to people is counterproductive. They make more mistakes as the number of things they have to keep track of increases, and their work gets sloppy. Then the workers have to re-do what they just did, adding to the time any individual task takes. Modular home builders know how many houses they can take on at one time and they stick to that limit. 

Planning Approvals and Admin Paperwork Performed By Experienced Employees

Official paperwork always takes time, and so does getting the plans approved. Getting these things done is necessary, but it can take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. Having someone experienced in completing the paperwork speeds the approval process. That person will know how to get everything efficiently and will be able to devote their days to doing just that. 

Of course, the sooner you get your new home, the sooner you can move in and enjoy it. There is another benefit besides the inherent joy of getting what you want sooner, though. Speedy construction can also save you money.

It cuts down on the amount you have to spend on renting and the costs associated with renting. It decreases the labour costs, too. So, if you want to save money on your next house, you will also want to save on time. WBS Homes can help you do that. If you are looking to build a Modular Home in WA then check out our guide on what method is right for you. 

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